Night Bears Back to BK!

Come see The Night Bears any and every Wednesday night at Dassara Ramen! Even though these little bears have been spread out across the world, with Sophia Remolde in Tokyo, John J A Jannone in Osaka, and Daniel Munkus holding down the fort in Brooklyn, we have been together in spirit and image Wednesdays on Dassara’s innovative, interactive, and ingenious video environment designed by the fabulous Ralph Jacobus of RAMENWERK. We will continue to exhibit our video art at Dassara as we all crawl back to home base.

If you can’t make it out to Brooklyn, here is a video we created about our videos at Dassara. (How very meta of us.) Incredible music by EMILY DANGER. Yowza.

また、日本人のファンのため: (笑)