Bears Reappear on EARTH

Being in remote locations around the globe is of no fatal consequence to these Bears!

Drawing upon work created for a continuation of our Nori/Noir project, Meat&Light, the Bears featured video art as part of Team Japan’s contribution to Superhero Clubhouse’s June 2014 work-in-progress showing of EARTH (a play about people).

for EARTH (a play about people) from Sophia Remolde on Vimeo.

About the media: Meat&Light uses long-exposure digital photography and image processing to draw hard-boiled graphic novels live in performance. In recent video compositions where “the air was thick with nanobots,” we continued the story of post-singularity private dick Morthan Meat, and the dame who might be the only hope for what is left of biological humanity.

One video in particular stood out as relevant to the explorations faced by Team Japan in EARTH. A woman descending a ladder is shown emerging out of the darkness seen only as illuminated and fractured parts of the body. In thinking about the race between the technological Singularity and the possible outcomes of current biological/ecological issues, we questioned: if our physical bodies (including that of our planet) are undergoing such an intensity of change, how too will that break apart the issues that we face as humanity? Japan’s increasing aging population and the country’s innovative attempts to address this issue (for example, increased development in robotics vs. looser immigration laws) were also present in the discussion. In a way that seemed fitting to the environment, we meditated on all of this as one potential answer.

The sound score for the piece was created by Sophia Remolde, composed of the voices and spirits of Miyu Leilani, Dominique Baron-Bonarjee, Jyana Browne, and Tokyo Circus Ringmaster Yoshi.

image credit: Kristy Caldwellimage credit: Kristy Caldwell

About EARTH (a play about people): EARTH is a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and international collaboration. Based on prompts and limitations given by Superhero Clubhouse, teams of artists working remotely (that is, in cities outside NYC) created highly personal scenes, images and dances inspired by themes and questions related to population. The material given to us by Satellite Teams was then developed in dialogue with our artists in NYC. At this stage of development, we are asking three questions: 1. What is the play, and how does it confront the ecological research? 2. How do we collaborate with artists from afar? 3. How can EARTH be a singular event with consistency of vision, aesthetic and narrative, despite so many “cooks in the kitchen”? By asking these questions, we are also exploring what it means to get along in the world, in the face of global limitations, environmental crises and a population not yet at its peak.

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